Dadzone - FAQ's


The Indestructible Dad

As a dad, there's a lot of expectations. The worst thing to do is say nothing. This site, all programs, content and podcasts are to help dad's navigate through every day B.S while being the best, most positive influence they possibly can. 

Yeah but that means....

What it means overall is I want you to have the best relationships with your wife, partner, kids, family that you possibly can.

Is it easy? NO.

Is it worthwhile? YES!


My wife and I are in a bad place at the moment

I get it. I've been there too. 

You don't communicate, words are taken out of context, kids are everywhere and you're just trying to get through the day. You find annoying traits and things fester from there. That word COMMUNICATE is the starting trigger to getting things back on track.

Aren't we weak if we speak up?

Hell NO!

I get that we were programmed in a way that meant we believe we can't say anything, but communication is key for everything. And before you come back with that's easy for me to say, answer me this - "Can you read minds?"... If the answer is no, then how the hell can anyone else?

I've lost my mojo

I'm disconnected to my wife and kids, on autopilot, I feel flat, uninspired, I loose my temper easily. Oh shit I'm in Zombie mode... 

It's tough, but there is a way to become Indestructible.

Find My Mojo

Where do I find the balance?

Firstly, forget BALANCE. It's B.S... 

Focus instead on finding the BLEND.

It's different for every family, and a key portion of getting the right blend is having a Vision. Not just you having a vision - your families vision. You and your wife deciding on a common goal and purpose. From there the smaller, day to day requirements can be filled in with ease.

Blend Worksheet