Wayne Cohen, Founder of The Indestructible Dad, Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Husband and Father of 4

Wayne has been involved in countless businesses, both as an owner and a coach. Specialising in Sales and Marketing, Wayne systematically helps business owners scale their businesses so they can invest more time with their families. 


Why Start The Indestructible Dad?

Most people think that by going into business for themselves they'll have an abundance of freedom and time. Sadly, this isn't normally the case. Without the right help from the beginning, most business owners find that they have created a job - NOT a business. The knock on effect for many families and relationships is a tremendous strain will soon take hold.

At the moment around Australia, the male suicide rate is extremely high and is becoming increasingly common - especially amongst business owners.


Male suicide isn't the only epidemic facing Dad's and Men today - Anxiety, Divorce, Separation (both from wife/partners and kids), Money Stress, Expectations and even bullying play a part in day to day decisions.

The Indestructible Dad is about giving you the tools needed to be Indestructible in today's world. Whether it's about implementing Systems in your Business OR Updating your Mindset for your family and the cool thing is It's not just for business owners - It's for ALL DAD'S!

Key Dad focus points



  • Pillars Of Being Indestructible
  • Podcasts
  • Open Communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • Connectedness
  • Fulfilled & Content
  • Family Belief Structures


For The Business Owner

  • Positive Cashflow Management
  • Leadership & Team Culture
  • Financial & KPI Reporting
  • Sales Pipeline Upgrades
  • Leverage
  • Marketing Implementation
  • CRM & Software Training


Focused Workshops

  • Business Planning
  • 90 Day Action Plans
  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Team Workshops
  • Business Exit Strategy Sessions

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