The Idea In Brief

I help Aussie dad's - whether they're a business owner, leader or employee; connect with their partner and families which allows them to run their business/career like a champion.

I do this by inspiring positive change through behaviours, connections, inclusiveness & identifying the best dad boosters for each individual, so that they're instilling a positive legacy within their family and community.

This isn't just about feeling good, it's about creating a community of inspired, driven and connected dad's that are indestructible.   

When I first started Business Coaching, I noticed a massive divide in husband and wife teams. Not many had a shared vision – hell many weren’t even remotely connected, real ships drifting in the night kind of stuff. 


Why Be Indestructible?

Imagine if you had tools at your disposal that could help your relationship - not just with your partner, but with your kids as well.

Imagine if you were able to be the Dad/Husband you always wanted and passed on those traits, beliefs and Indestructibility to your kids!

With our help, you'll never say 'Same Shit, Different Day' again!

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How We Can Help

There's a range of programs available for you - all the way from books and free tools, to group programs, DADCHAT - a specialised podcast and also specialised 1 on 1 coaching programs.

One dad alone, is tough. But a community of dad's is life changing!


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